About us

Back in the old days (somewhere April 2014) Joppe and Alex began their way into making music together with some self written pop-punk songs, which all started when Joppe taught Alex his first guitar riff (Blink182 – Dammit!).

They’ve recorded their own EP one week after Alex’s first guitar riff called De Pijnstillers – Random Minuten & A Fles Vol Cola with their smartphone. (They still have it somewhere on their harddrive..)

After a few dead end bands they found Sam (Joppe knew him from high school). They started a new band and after a year Wouter joined them to play the bass!

So yeah.. That’s our story, but we didn’t feel like you know us now very well.. so let’s go on!

We started out as an old school punkband, but in the last couple of months we’ve developed our own grungy garagesound, with some deep neo classical metal influences.

We like a lot of music and a lot different bands, some of our heroes are: Jack White, Green Day, Nirvana (who doesn’t love them, right?), Avenged Sevenfold, Slash, Sonata Arctica, Slaves, Lou Reed and NOFX!

Like every band: We are intro drugs and a lot of noise! kidding of course.. only drugs.. whut?

We are represented by Sikken Records, Joppe’s very own recordlabel.

So yeah, thats us.. the band! Check our beloved crew at the crew page!


We are ready.. Are you?