Bram Groeneveld – Bandmanager/FOH Engineer


Aloha! My name is Bram, 20 years old and living in Amersfoort all the way.
I’m tour manager and audio engineer for Paper Cuts Hurt.
What I do for the band is take care of all the questions and needs of the guys. I’m also the contactperson for festivals, venues, bookers and producers.
During PCH shows you can find me somewhere in the middle of the venue, because i’m responsible for mixing the music.
When we’re not touring, i’m responsible for all the administration of the band.
I love it to work with such an amazing and professional team. I hope to see you soon at one of the shows! Peace!

Kashmira Shamier – Social Media Operator


My name is Kashmira, I am 20 years old and I carry the fancy title “social media operator” for Paper Cuts Hurt. About five years ago, my musical taste rose to a whole new level when I discovered classic rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and The Beatles. My friend Joppe, who I met in high school, grew up with all the old classics and recommended me lots of awesome songs. Now that he and the other fellas have a cool band with a promising future, I was very pleased to help them a little. What I do for Paper Cuts Hurt is running the website and social media accounts, so most questions will be answered by me. I also attend (most of) the gigs, where I take pictures, and write a blog for the official website about each gig afterwards. It’s a cool job.

Romulo van Stockum – Security


Hello fellas! My name is Romulo and I’m 19 years old. I do the personal security of the guys! I live in Zeist, Utrecht my whole life and I will be there at every concert they play at. We hope you will have the time of your life at our concerts! See you there? Greetzz!

Joppe Sikken – Singer, Guitarist, Owner of Sikken Records


Well, you may know me as the frontman of the band and ask yourself “Why would you be on the crew page??”, well I thought, what the hell. I play the guitar, and sing in the band but I am also responsible for the distribution of our music! So I think I deserved to be on this page right?! Haha.

My name is Joppe and I’m 20 years old. What I do for the band.. Well yeah, I told you 10 seconds ago :P. Come to our shows, drink a beer, jump inside a moshpit and be annoying to our security guy! Cheers!

This page is still under construction because a lot of our crew members didn’t write their personal message yet.. :'(